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          4517 transformer oil

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        2. Introduction:
          4517 transformer oil

          Detailed introduction
          This product is composed of deeply refined mineral base oil and selected antioxidant. It does not contain PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl). It is suitable for insulation cooling of transformer, oil immersed switch and other electrical insulation equipment. This product is divided into 10, 25, 45 and other brands according to the low temperature performance.
          [performance features]
          Excellent electrical insulation, effectively prevent discharge under electric field;
          Good anti-oxidation and stability, effectively prevent the generation of acid substances and sludge; good thermal conductivity, ensure the effective cooling of transformer core and coil.
          [executive standard]
          This product meets the following specifications: gb2536-90.
          [typical data]
          Wen press oil
          Product brand
          10 25
          Kinematic viscosity(40°C), mmVs
          Flash point (closed),℃
          Pour point,℃
          breakdown voltage,kV
          42 47
          It is suitable for transformers with voltage below 330kV and electrical equipment with similar requirements as insulation and cooling medium.
          The product shall be protected from water and dust during storage, transportation and use;
          Do not mix this product with other oil products.
          200L iron barrel or packing according to customer's requirements.

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