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          4304 electric submersible pump oil

        1. Sorts
        2. Introduction:
          4304 electric submersible pump oil synthetic oil is the base oil and refined with a variety of high-quality additives.

          Detailed introduction
          This product is based on synthetic oil and refined with a variety of high-quality additives.
          [performance features]
          Excellent electrical insulation performance, small dielectric loss value, ensure the safe operation of the equipment; good thermal oxidation stability, enhance the safety of the equipment working at high temperature;
          Good lubrication performance, protect equipment to reduce wear;
          Good low temperature fluidity, easy to start the equipment at low temperature.
          [executive standard]
          The product meets the following specifications: Q / sh303099-2004.
          [typical data]
          Typical data
          Light yellow transparent liquid
          Kinematic viscosity,mm 2 /s

          Flash point (closed),℃
          Freezing point,℃
          Neutralization value,mgKOH/g
          Dielectric strength,kV
          This product can be applied to the lubrication and insulation of electric submersible pump motor in deep well of oil exploitation; applicable temperature range: it can work for a long time under the well pressure of 7.1mpa-12.2mpa and the temperature of 150 ℃.
          The product shall be protected from water and dust during storage, transportation and use;
          Do not mix this product with other oil products.
          * 4L iron bucket, 20L plastic bucket or packaging according to customers' requirements.
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