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          4609 shock absorber

        1. Sorts
        2. Introduction:
          The shock absorption fluid of 4609 combat vehicle is refined with synthetic oil as base oil and corresponding performance improvement additives.

          Detailed introduction
          The product is based on synthetic oil and refined with corresponding performance improvement additives.
          [performance features]
          This product has high viscosity index, good shear resistance, good low temperature stability and shock absorption.
          [executive standard]
          This product conforms to Q / sh 037 · 146-89 (97) standard.
          [typical data]
          Typical data
          Brown clear liquid

          Kinematic viscosity(40℃),mm 2 /s

          100℃ Not less than

          -40℃ Not greater than



          viscosity index
          Flash point (opening), ℃ not less than
          Freezing point, ℃ not higher than
          Neutralization value, mgKOH / g not greater than

          Shear stability (ultrasonic shear method)
          Change of kinematic viscosity (40 ℃),% no more than

          This product is suitable for vehicle shock absorber using hydro pneumatic suspension technology as shock absorption fluid. Operating temperature range:
          -46 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃, up to + 150 ℃ in short term.
          Before use, please clean the hydro pneumatic suspension device;
          In the process of storage, transportation and use, avoid mixing water and impurities;
          Do not mix with other oil products.
          It is packed in 4L iron barrel, 20L plastic barrel and 200L iron barrel.

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