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          4405 synthetic medium load industrial gear oil

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        2. Introduction:
          4405 synthetic medium load industrial gear oil is a medium load industrial gear oil based on synthetic oil and refined with extreme pressure, anti-wear and other additives.

          Detailed introduction
          This product is a medium load industrial gear oil, which is based on synthetic oil and refined with extreme pressure, anti-wear and other additives.
          [performance features]
          Excellent low temperature flow performance to ensure the normal operation of the equipment at low temperature;
          Excellent heat-resistant and stable performance, prevent oil from high temperature deterioration;
          Good extreme pressure and anti-wear performance, reduce equipment wear; no coking and sink in long-term use under high temperature
          [executive standard] this product complies with Q / sh303 172-2004 standard.
          [typical data]
          Typical data
          Yellow to reddish brown clear liquid
          Kinematic viscosity(40℃),mm 2 /s
          46.2 68.7 152.6 221.3 467.2 686.5
          viscosity index
          174 175 190 204 220 235
          Flash point (open),℃
          252 264 269
          Pour point, ℃ not higher than
          Copper corrosion (100 ℃, 3H) grade
          This product is suitable for lubrication of all kinds of medium and low speed, medium load closed industrial gears, worm gears, sliding and rolling bearings. Compared with mineral oil type gear oil, it can improve efficiency, reduce power consumption, reduce wear, prolong service life and oil change cycle, so as to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption. Operating temperature range: 46-460 oil is - 30 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃, 680-1000 oil is - 25 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃.
          [products with equivalent performance abroad]
          In terms of application, it is equivalent to sg-xt, Pont. S, levela, total Carter EP, gr-xp, KL ü BER syntheso HT series.
          [application scope]
          The product has more than 10 years of successful application experience in replacing imported synthetic gear oil of the same type in metallurgy, building materials, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical industry, mechanical processing and other industries. The practice has proved that the performance is reliable, greatly reducing the use cost of oil for users;
          Clean the lubrication system when it is used for the first time. Do not mix with other oils, different lubricants
          There may be physical or chemical reaction between them, which will lead to the performance degradation;
          Timely cover after use to avoid the mixing of moisture, dust and other impurities.
          * 4L iron barrel, 20L plastic barrel, 200L iron barrel or packing as required by users.
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