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          4451sn / CF synthetic general internal combustion engine oil

        1. SortsAutomotive lubricants
        2. Introduction:
          Performance features: 1. Using Pao full synthetic base oil, it can freely cope with the test of the engine in extreme weather and severe vehicle conditions, provide more lasting safety protection for the engine, and let the vehicle play a lasting pow

          Detailed introduction

          Performance characteristics
          1. Pao full synthetic base oil is used to freely cope with the test of the engine in extreme weather and severe vehicle conditions, so as to provide more lasting safety protection for the engine and enable the vehicle to play a lasting power.
          2. Excellent low-temperature starting performance and high-temperature lubrication performance, suitable for all-weather use in various regions.
          3. The use of dete's anti friction and anti-wear additives can effectively reduce the wear of engine components and extend the engine life.
          4. Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance and clean dispersion performance, fully inhibit the formation of carbon deposition and oil pollution, with an ultra long oil change cycle.
          technical specifications
          The product meets the following specifications
          1.API SN/CF;2.GB11122-2006;3.Q/SH PRD0474-2012
          Application scope
          It is suitable for all kinds of high performance sports cars with multi valve, variable valve timing VVT, GDI / FSI / Sidi turbocharged TSI / TFSI engine and long oil change period. It is a great choice for people who are looking for extreme driving mode and engine protection.
          Typical data

          Analysis results
          OW/50 OW/40 test method
          Kinematic viscosity(100℃)/mm2/s 18.42 19.20 GB/T265
          Low temperature dynamic viscosity(-35℃)/mPa.s 5860 5640 GB/T6538
          Pour point/℃ -52 -52 GB/T3595
          Flash point (open)/℃ 228 230 GB/T3536

          Foamability (foam tendency / stability)




          0/0 0/0 GB/T12579
          10/0 10/0 GB/T12579
          0/0 0/0 GB/T12579
          density(20℃)/kg/m3 841.4 840.4 ASTMD4052
          Packing form

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