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          7025 high temperature grease

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        2. Introduction:
          7025 high temperature grease is a kind of high temperature grease which is thickened by inorganic thickener and refined by structure improver and lubricant.

          Detailed introduction
          The product is a high-temperature grease which is thickened by inorganic thickener and refined by structure improver and lubricant.
          [performance features]
          Good high temperature and lubricity, especially at high temperature with good lubrication effect and long service life
          Service life;
          No coking, ensure the normal lubrication of the bearing;
          Good adhesion performance, enough grease for lubricating parts to ensure lubricity.
          [executive standard]
          This product meets the following specifications: Q / sh303125-20040.
          [typical data]
          Typical data
          1/4Worked Cone Penetration,0.1mm
          Drop point,℃
          Evaporation(200℃, 1h), % (m/m)
          Corrosion (sheet 45,100。。, 3h)
          This product is suitable for low speed and medium speed heavy load sliding and rolling bearing, chain and gear lubrication of various industrial devices and equipment under high temperature. Such as flame cutting machine, calender, blower, drying box, mud core drying furnace and other mechanical bearing lubrication.
          The product is used on the rolling bearing of the high temperature forming machine of the corrugated board production line with good effect
          This product has been used for many years on the rolling bearing of flame cutting machine of glass production line, and the lubrication effect of high temperature bearing is good.
          The service temperature can reach 300 ° C.
          [products with equivalent performance abroad]
          The performance of this oil is equivalent to that of KS 365 aff grease of Krupp, Germany.
          Before use, clean the lubricating parts with kerosene or other solvents, air dry or blow dry before filling
          This product;
          After use, the cover shall be sealed in time to prevent impurities from mixing;
          Do not mix with other grease to avoid affecting the use effect;
          This product should be stored in a clean, dry and dark place.
          1 kg plastic bottle, 16 kg plastic barrel or packaging according to customer's requirements.
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