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          Hot Search: gear oil、Hydraulic oil、High temperature grease、Synthetic oil、Metalworking oil


          Service hotline: 400-688-7804

          Tel: 0769-87886500


          Fax: 0769-82621676

          Technology: 156-0260-4248 (wechat same number)

          Investment promotion: 180-2519-7509 (wechat same number)

          Email: jmsha@ssorn.com


          website: www.chaneldream.com

          Location:Home > 

          1. Explore and follow up potential customers, introduce company products and promote product services.
          2. Use network, telephone, wechat and other diversified ways to sell.
          3. Complete the monthly sales target, the outstanding achievement can be considered for two years.
          4. Experience in business negotiation, telemarketing, Internet sales and face-to-face customers is preferred.
          5. Computer operation skilled, good use of network resources can bear hardships and stand hard work, strong pressure resistance.
          6. Bachelor degree in marketing or chemical engineering or more than 2 years in lubricant sales.
          7. Email: jmsha@ssorn.com / jmsh@ssorn.com

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