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          Can different types of automobile lubricants be mixed together

          Pubdate:2019-12-31 11:05:37
          1 do not mix different types of oil

          There are still many kinds of automobile lubricating oil products on the market, and the owners may have tried many brands of products. But it's also engine oil. There are still big differences between different types. The formula of different brands of smooth oil is definitely different, and the function of mixed oil is likely to decline due to the conflict between additives. Secondly, different grades of smooth oil do not advocate mixed use, mineral oil + component oil ≠ component oil.

          2. Do not mix oils with different viscosities

          The same type of engine oil products will also distinguish different viscosity brands. Oil also remember clearly that before a pro said: "I think 40 viscosity oil is a little thick, 30 oil is a little thin, I am going to mix them in a reuse, 35 viscosity should just be good!" I just want to say: "pro, I know you are good at math, but viscosity is not so calculated..." This is the same reason as the freezing point of antifreeze. When the antifreeze with high freezing point is mixed with low freezing point, the freezing point is expected to get the average value. But what oil wants to say is that we still use the ready-made calculation, and the risk chemical test is still left to the scientists to do it!

          3. Do not mix different types of engine oil

          The problem we often encounter is raised by motorcycle friends. It's also a car that burns gasoline. Why can't motorcycles add car engine oil?

          With the rapid development of car industry and the strengthening of environmental protection, many car engine oils are added with antifriction agents, which can save energy and reduce emissions. If these oils are used on four stroke motorcycles, the clutch will slip and cause trouble.

          In addition, the power of four stroke motorcycle engine is higher than that of car engine, and the smooth system is very compact. The engine, transmission and clutch all use one kind of oil. In addition, the driving speed is fast, the engine speed is high, the cylinder temperature is high, and the requirements for the anti-oxidation and anti-wear functions of oil are higher. If the car engine oil is used on the four stroke motorcycle, the speed of oil transformation will be accelerated. If the oil is not changed in time, the engine wear will be easily formed. There are differences in composition and function between the two oils, so the four stroke motorcycle oil can not be replaced by car engine oil.
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