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          What additives are in the automobile lubricating oil?

          Pubdate:2019-12-31 11:05:06
          Here are the additives for automotive lubricants

          (1) Qingjinghuan powder: adsorb oxidized products and disperse them in oil. It is composed of anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, combination and

          (2) Anti oxygen and anti-corrosion agent: improve the oxidation safety of oil products -- avoid metal oxidation, delay the oxidation speed of oil products, block the acid and metal touch to form a protective film with anti-wear property

          (3) Antiwear agent: the high temperature part of the friction surface can react with the metal to form a low melting point,

          (4) Oily agent: it is an active substance with polar molecules, which can form a solid adsorption film on the metal surface, and can avoid the direct touch of the metal friction surface under the condition of smooth gap.

          (5) Tackifier: also known as thickener, it is mainly composed of polyamata type extremely high polymer compound. Tackifier can not only add the viscosity of oil, but also improve the viscosity temperature function of oil.

          (6) Antirust agent: it is a kind of polar compound, which has strong adsorption on metal. It can form a tight adsorption film on the interface of metal and oil to block the corrosion of water, moisture and acid substances. Antirust agent can also prevent oxidation and avoid the formation of acid oxides, and then it has the effect of rust prevention.

          (7) Antifoaming agent: it enables bubbles to quickly overflow the oil surface, lose stability and easy to crack, and then shortens the time when bubbles exist.
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