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          How long can car lubricants last?

          Pubdate:2019-12-31 11:04:44
          How long can car lubricants last?

          How to judge whether the automobile lubricating oil has expired? In the next inspection, we will find that under normal conditions, the lubricating oil should be clear, translucent or transparent liquid. If the lubricating oil oxidizes, the color will change. In addition, the transparency of lubricating oil has decreased, indicating that the oil quality of lubricating oil has changed. If the smell of lubricating oil is sour and smelly, it has been clarified that it has changed. In addition, if the viscosity of oil can be significantly changed (thinning, thickening), and the properties are not uniform, it is not suitable to use.

          1 type of lubricating oil

          After long-term storage, the lubricating oil with disordered additives is relatively simple and presents problems. For example, if more additives are used in automobile engine lubricating oil (engine oil), it is relatively likely that the properties of additives will be changed and separated after long-term storage. If the additive composition of lubricating oil is relatively simple, such as anti-oxidation and anti rust lubricating oil, the risk of separation of additives after long-term storage is relatively small.

          2 storage conditions of lubricating oil

          The main reasons for the transformation of lubricating oil are: whether it is sealed, whether it is stored in a cool and dry place, whether it is oxidized by air, whether it is high temperature, whether the oil is polluted (any substance other than lubricating oil is attributed to impurities, including miscellaneous dust, water, etc.), and whether it is exposed to the sun. If these conditions are present during the storage of lubricating oil, the deterioration rate of oil quality will be significantly accelerated.

          3. How long does the lubricating oil exceed the warranty period

          How long is the storage time of lubricating oil? Beyond the shelf life of one or two months, it must be very different from beyond the shelf life of one or two years. Secondly, where is the lubricating oil used? Is the machine using the oil important? If it breaks down, will it cause large loss?

          Generally speaking, the storage time of industrial lubricating oil is less than 1 year and that of grease is less than half a year. In order to ensure outstanding equipment lubrication, the lubricating oil should be stored in accordance with "first in first out" to prevent the lubricating oil from being stored for a long time. If the oil quantity of lubricating oil is large and you don't want to waste it, the lubricating oil beyond the shelf life should be tested before use (oil analysis). Oil detection through professional testing equipment, can quantitative, accurate determination of the quality of lubricating oil.
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