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          What are the main uses of dimethyl silicone oil?

          Pubdate:2021-04-15 11:48:37
          Dimethyl silicone oil, also known as methyl silicone oil, polydimethylsiloxane liquid. It is an odorless, odorless, nontoxic, colorless and transparent viscous liquid. Soluble in benzene, toluene, xylene and ether, partially soluble in ethanol, butanol and acetone, insoluble in cyclohexanol, methanol, paraffin oil and vegetable oil. It has excellent hydrophobicity, moisture resistance, good light transmittance and chemical stability.
          Application of dimethyl silicone oil
          Dimethyl silicone oil is widely used in insulation, heat-resistant, moisture-proof filler, high-efficiency defoamer, release agent, lubricant and surface treatment agent. The industries involved include daily chemical industry, rubber, plastic, latex and other industries, machinery, automobile, electronic appliances, clothing, leather, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, as well as some new material industries.
          1: Daily chemical industry
          It can be used in cosmetics such as skin cream, bath liquid, shampoo, etc. it has excellent soft effect and silky feel, and has the functions of moisturizing and protecting skin.
          2: Plastic industry
          Because dimethyl silicone oil is not sticky to rubber, plastics, metals, etc., it is used as isolation agent, isolation agent and brightener in the production of some rubber, plastics, latex, polyurethane products and processes, making the surface of products clean, smooth and transparent.
          3: Machinery, automobile, electrical appliances and other industries
          Machinery, automobile, instrument, electronics and other industries, used as high-grade lubricating oil, liquid spring, cutting fluid, buffer oil, transformer oil, high and low temperature brake oil, instrument shock absorber oil, frame model release agent, etc. It can also be used as liquid spring and landing device of aircraft.
          4: Textile and clothing industry
          It can be used as softener, water repellent, handle modifier, sewing thread lubricant, chemical fiber spinneret lubricant, garment pressure lining additive, defoamer, etc.
          5: Leather and leather chemical industry
          It can be used as softener, hydrophobic agent, handle agent, defoamer, brightener and so on.
          6: Medicine, food
          It is used as defoamer and lubricant in pharmaceutical and food industry. Dimethyl silicone oil is non-toxic to human body and can not be decomposed by body fluids, so it is widely used in medical and health undertakings. It has defoaming effect, and can be made into oral, gastrointestinal Qizhang tablets, pulmonary edema antifoaming aerosol and other medicinal materials. Adding silicone oil to the ointment can improve the permeability and efficacy of the drug to the skin. Part of the ointment based on silicone oil has good effect on scald, dermatitis, bedsore, etc.
          7: Paint, ink and other industries
          : it can be used as a brightener of paint, adding a small amount of silicone oil into the paint to prevent the paint from floating and wrinkling and improve the brightness of the paint film. Adding a small amount of silicone oil to the ink can improve the printing quality. Adding a small amount of silicone oil to the polishing oil (such as Automobile Polish) can increase the whiteness, protect the paint film, and have excellent waterproof effect.
          8: New material industry
          : for other special uses or copolymerization with other materials to produce new materials
          matters needing attention:
          The higher the temperature, the more obvious the reaction. When low concentration of strong acid or base is contacted with it, or for a long time at high temperature, the viscosity will increase until crosslinking.
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