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          Classification of industrial lubricants

          Pubdate:2019-12-31 10:55:32
          Lubricating oil industry is an important part of petrochemical industry. Its development is closely related to the national macroeconomic situation and the development of transportation, mechanical equipment and other industries. Lubricating oil industry is a technology intensive, complex production and marketing industry, which is one of the huge industrial chain.
          Industrial lubricating oil mainly includes hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil, transformer oil, vacuum pump oil, bearing oil, metal processing oil (liquid), antirust oil, cylinder oil, heat treatment oil and heat transfer oil. In addition, there are lubricating oil as base oil, and add thickener grease. The users of industrial lubricants are enterprises of all walks of life. Generally, they use a large number of varieties and quantities, which not only depends on the price of products, but also depends on the quality and technical characteristics of products, and also depends on the quality of technical services.
          According to the use, industrial equipment lubricating oil can be divided into general industrial lubricating oil, special oil and special oil. General industrial lubricating oil is used for machines with no special requirements, low service temperature and load, and relatively mild working conditions. Such as machine drive machinery, textile machinery, construction road, lifting, transportation, metallurgy, mining machinery and other industrial sector equipment. Ordinary industrial lubricants usually do not contain additives. Apart from their lubricating capacity, they do not have special requirements for ordinary industrial lubricants. The lubrication capacity is mainly determined by viscosity and anti-aging properties. The latter is related to the quality and process of raw materials.
          With the improvement of the quality of domestic lubricating oil, some enterprises have made good brands, and the market of domestic industrial lubricating oil has been gradually stabilized. At present, many enterprises in China have entered the market of high-end lubricating oil products, and the market share of lubricating oil enterprises led by the two groups has gradually increased.
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