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          Hot Search: gear oil、Hydraulic oil、High temperature grease、Synthetic oil、Metalworking oil


          Service hotline: 400-688-7804

          Tel: 0769-87886500


          Fax: 0769-82621676

          Technology: 156-0260-4248 (wechat same number)

          Investment promotion: 180-2519-7509 (wechat same number)

          Email: jmsha@ssorn.com


          website: www.chaneldream.com

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          Six reasons to join mennick

          1. Brand advantage

          Adhering to the concept of innovation, forward-looking vision and professional dedication, we are constantly committed to product innovation and development, and making positive contributions to the sustainable development of products with leading technology.

          2、Reasonable product structure

          Lubricating oil has hundreds of varieties, including synthetic grease, industrial grease, metal processing oil, automotive oil, military grease, etc., so that you can easily occupy the market by acting for one brand, and avoid the trouble of multi brand operation and multi capital investment

          3、Market protection mode

          The biggest stumbling block for the business of agents is the collusion of goods, the multi distribution in one place and the confusion of prices. It is undoubtedly the biggest blow to agents that the market that has been hard-working for many years is disturbed or stolen by others,Lubricants must be free from cross selling. Only one agent is set up in one place, and the price is unified nationwide, so that you can operate at ease and benefit from it.

          4、Quality assurance

          The lubricating oil adopts Sinopec, PetroChina, Formosa Plastics, SK and other high-quality imported base oil, Chevron, run Yinglian, Vanderbilt, Lubrizol and other high-quality imported additives as the main raw materials, full-automatic computer pulse blending process, automatic weighing and sweeping system, automatic filling line, and the whole production process follows the ISO9001 international quality management system to ensure the long-term stability of quality. So that you don't have to worry about the instability of the quality of small oil plants and OEM lubricants.

          5、High profit margin

          Lubricating oil has been deeply rooted in China's lubricating oil market for more than ten years, and its quality image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The word-of-mouth and terminal price of the products are comparable to the international mainstream brands。Flat marketing mode, let you get higher profit space. Never allow you to invest a huge amount of money, but only earn the money of the porter.

          6、Efficient and fast supply capacity

          Upstream supply source, viaSelect the winning unit as the supplier in each bank, 24 hours a dayProvide raw material guarantee. By virtue ofTo ensure the timely production and distribution of products. Greatly reduce your inventory pressure and capital turnover pressure, so that you can easily become a boss.

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