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            Hot Search: gear oil、Hydraulic oil、High temperature grease、Synthetic oil、Metalworking oil


            Service hotline: 400-688-7804

            Tel: 0769-87886500


            Fax: 0769-82621676

            Technology: 156-0260-4248 (wechat same number)

            Investment promotion: 180-2519-7509 (wechat same number)

            Email: jmsha@ssorn.com


            website: www.chaneldream.com

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            Dongguan Jinmen Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is located in Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a professional manufacturer of synthetic lubricating grease integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. It is widely used in gear, bearing, chain, compressor, hydraulic equipment, automobile, steel, petrochemical, power electronics, textile printing and dyeing, mechanical processing, aerospace, ship, military industry and other industries. Provide friction related overall lubrication solution service for manufacturing industry all over the world.

            The company takes high technology, high quality, internationalization, mennick as its brand, wins the market with quality, pursues the development strategy with brand, and solves the problems of high, low temperature and high speed , high vacuum, heavy load, long life and special medium, lubrication, cooling and sealing under special working conditions as the goal, taking the development of national industry as the responsibility, to help users solve various lubrication problems and provide lubrication solutions under various harsh conditions.
            Mennick lubricating oil products include internal combustion engine oil, industrial gear oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating grease, silicone oil, fluorine oil, metal processing oil, marine oil, aviation lubricating grease, special precision instrument grease, compressor oil, special sealing grease, military oil, based on hydrogenated oil, synthetic hydrocarbon, synthetic ester, polyether, silicone oil, fluorine oil and other synthetic oil, with advanced technology 。 Adhere to the professional and customized service concept, establish a set of perfect service system of technical consultation, equipment diagnosis, product recommendation and after-sales tracking. To provide customers with overall solutions and localization solutions for lubricating oil, help users solve various lubricating problems, help users accurately select oil, use oil correctly, change oil meticulously, organize technical exchange and training of lubricating oil, and serve customers with Jinmen's technology, quality and dedication, and repay the society.
            Jinmen Petrochemical is committed to maintaining the ecological environment and human health and safety, providing customers with the latest technology of environmental protection oil, and contributing to creating a clean human living space.
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